Inter-school matches cancelled this coming Friday 23rd July 2021

Updated July 20th, 2021

SA Junior Chess League Inc – Serving chess in SA for over 50 years –

Update on the State Junior Championships taking place in the July School Holidays – Thursday 15th July 8:30pm.

Unfortunately, due to the announced Covid restrictions, only the State Junior Championships will continue on the Friday – the July Junior Tournament planned for Friday will be abandoned. We will therefore have only 3 events running tomorrow – the State Under 18/16, the State Under 15/14/13 and the State U12 Championships. 


We have held two of the three July Junior events over the past two days and each time it has been completed successfully with about 30 students in each. Reducing the number of students at the Chess Centre on Friday by this number will make it much safer for everyone.

Please check the current standings of the various state Championships and the final standings for the two completed July Junior events under the Individual Tournaments tab.

2021 SA Under 12 Championship – 25 mins +10 secs per move

July Junior Tournament (under 11) – 15 mins each

The LAST Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the school holidays

Wednesday 14th, Thursday 15th & Friday 16th July 2021 – 9:30AM Start

Played at the Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St Adelaide 5000

The Chess Centre will be open from 8.30am on both days to allow parents to drop off youngsters before work.. The sessions will all be finished by 3:30pm.

These are among South Australiaʼs most prestigious junior events. They are a brilliant way to improve at chess.  The players use clocks and are encouraged to record their moves. Some very good prizes. The players’ ages are those at the 1st of January.

The July Junior Tournament consists of 3 one-day events is for players aged 10 and under and is just great fun and all juniors are encouraged to have a try – you simply need to know how the pieces move and then you start learning ideas instantly. It starts at 9:30AM and finishes at 3PM daily. You don’t have to play all 3 days, and the overall winner is the total from all the tournaments.

Schedule: State Under 12 Championship: 4 games daily: 9.30am, 11am, LUNCH at 12 noon, 12:45 pm and 2pm. Clocks will be used with 25 minutes +10 sec/move per player per game.

Schedule: July Junior – new tournament each day!

8 games daily: 9.30 am, 10.30 am, 11.00 am 11.30am LUNCH at 12 noon, and 12:30pm, 1pm, 1:45pm and 2:30pm – 15 minutes per player for the whole game.


U12:  First Prize of $50 U11: 1st Prize – $20.00 Other age prizes depending on entries – the more the better!  The overall winner for the July Junior: 1st prize: $30

Entry Fee – $45 which covers all days but a $5 discount applies if you register by using the Trybooking link below or by ringing or texting Alan Goldsmith on 0401 672 481 before Tuesday 13th July 2021.


July Junior:

Lunches will be around 12 noon and Pizza can be ordered each day for $5. 

Please note: These tournaments will only go ahead at the Chess Centre if there are no restrictions placed on them in SA. We will be following all the guidelines to try to ensure a Covid-Safe environment. 

Time to register teams for this year’s Inter-school matches

March 22nd, 2021

This year’s interschool matches start for practically all grades on the first Friday of the Public School term so please start entering teams now!

The dates for the Competitions: 

Secondary – all played at the Chess Centre – 7 nights – 4 nights in Term 2, 3 in term 3

Division 1 – Term 2: April 30, May 14, 28, June 11,  Term 3: July 23, Aug 6, 20 – 7pm start

Division 2 – May 7, 21, June 4, 18, July 30, August 13, 27 – 7pm start

Division 3 – April 30, May 14, 28, June 11, July 23, Aug 6, 20 – 7pm start

Primary – played at various venues with some matches NOT on Fridays – 7 afternoons

Primary A – April 30, May 14, 28, June 11, July 23, Aug 6, 20 – 4pm start

Primary B – April 30, May 14, 28, June 11, July 23, Aug 6, 20 – 4pm start

Primary C – April 30, May 14, 28, June 11, July 23, Aug 6, 20 – 4pm start

We have new venues atSt Paul’s College, Gillese Plains, Seymour College  and Grange PS plus almost all the regulars like the Chess Centre, Prince Alfred College, St Peter’s College and Walford School. 

Please check the Inter-school page here for more details.

Also the City of Adelaide Junior Championships will take place from the 14th-16th April – please check the Individual Tournaments page here


Australian Junior Chess

2021 Johns-Putra Australian Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS)

by GM Ian Rogers

Applications are now open for the 2021 JETS Training Squad sponsored by Geraldine Johns-Putra.

We are pleased to invite applications from talented Australian juniors for the 2021 Australian Junior Elite Training Squad – JETS.

The JETS Squad is Australia’s premier development squad, aimed at encouraging and challenging the next generation of Australian chess. (Past JETS members have gone on to become Grandmasters and International Masters.)

Applicants are judged by commitment and improvement, as well as rating, with a loading for applicants aged 14 and under. A maximum of 30 players will be selected, with at least a third of squad members being of each gender. Two places will be reserved for juniors from New Zealand and a minimum of six places for the host State.

Eligibility for the Squad will normally require participation in at least one national Championship event. However because 2020 has been such a difficult year for juniors in many States, there are no prerequisites this year for the 2021 JETS squad.

The selected members of the 2021 JETS Squad must commit to attend the JETS national junior training camp, to be held on the Gold Coast from June 28 to July 4.

After three and a half days of intensive coaching by Grandmasters and International Masters, plus a GM Simultaneous Exhibition, the final three and a half days will involve participation in the Gold Coast Open, with post-game analysis by JETS coaches.

Apply via
Deadline for applications April 8, 2021.

Chess Centre Appeal now closed – many thanks everyone!

October 25th, 2020


               Thanks to the very strong support for our appeal for financial support due to the closure of the Chess Centre for 4 months from the 15th March,  the South Australian Chess Association (SACA) and the South Australian Junior Chess League (SAJCL ) has now formally closed the Appeal.

          We are most grateful to the 60+ donors who have contributed around $10,000 which has prevented an unaffordable loss due to the Covid-19 restrictions.  The  Landlord Chris Angelopoulos of the Duke Group also cooperated greatly by  providing a helpful rent reduction for the 4 months’ closure period.

       The  South Australian Chess Community has rallied around in true Aussie fashion with donations from players , supporters , friends and a number of schools which has ensured the continued operation of the Chess Centre which is an essential component of chess in South Australia for hosting both Adult and Junior chess events.

      The Chess Centre  was able to re-open in late July and there has been much activity with a resumption of  both the Adult Interclub matches and tournaments,  and the Junior  holiday tournaments and Inter-school matches,  all following a full and carefully considered Covid-19 Management Plan.

   All donations made, large and small, are greatly appreciated and as we  advised during the Appeal Campaign, all donors  will be acknowledged by name and all the 60+  names will be shown as best we can in the chronological  order of the donation received.

  SACA and SAJCL is considering providing  a get together thank-you event for all donors in the near future.

   As President, I  offer  our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the committees of both  SACA and SAJCL for the support and encouragement we have received.  The testing times have brought  our Chess community  together in a remarkable way.

Many thanks

Alan Goldsmith        

President, South Australian Chess Association Inc          

President, South Australian Junior Chess League Inc

Donations Received

A very big THANK YOU to all the following kind people for their great generosity and support.


June 19th   Richard Thorne
June 19th   James Drew
June 19th   Wayne Cursaro
June 20th   Md Ruhul Islam
June 21th   Warren Kramer
June 23rd   Dr Ilya Hubczenko
June 25th   Nick Vass – Ceilings Concepts
July 3rd   Anonymous
July 6th   Bradley Thompson 
July 13th   Dr Rob Hoile
July 15th   Dr Andrew Paull
July 15th   Mato Jelic – Chess School SA
July 16th   James Drew
July 17th   Pink & Ku Fang
July 18th   Duane Barness
July 19th   Val Woodburn
July 20th   The Balachander Family
July 20th   The Pattisons
July 24th   Peter Hughes
July 28th   Aaron Perkins
July 28th   The Norwood Chess Club
July 28th   Denis Steffensen
July 28th   Peter Sanders
July 28th   Walter Culture
July 30th   Tom Loughlin
August 3rd   Anthony Fereday
August 12th   Chris Benham
August 14th   George Bartley
August 21st   Alexander Grice
August 22nd   Jocelyn Ho
August 24th   Anonymous
August 24th   Ashley & Kelly Jones
August 26th   PAC
August 28th   St Pius X
August 31st   Blefari
August 31st   Deepti Singhai
Sept 1st   Yes Lee Leong
Sept 2nd   Concordia College
Sept 2nd   Rosalia Heinrich
Sept 3rd   Oliver, Ben Wes, Anthony Western
Sept 3rd   Eric Paprzycki
Sept 3rd   LII
Sept 3rd   Rostrevor College
Sept 14   Dr Gurpreet Kaur
Sept 16   The Hoff Family
Sept 19   Bruce Saint
Sept 21   St Ignatius College
Sept 24   Mitcham PS
Sept 25   Seymour College
Sept 29   Scotch College
Sept 29   Glenunga IHS
Oct 2nd   Lorraine Gormly
Oct 2nd   Peter Serwan
Oct 16th   Concordia College
Oct 16th   Vuong Family
Oct 19th   Judy Harris
Oct 20   James Dalton