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Internet Matches – Round 5

June 12, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The Fifth night of the competitions

Primary B Grade and Primary C Grade 

All Primary Matches will start at 4pm and the Primary B and Primary C Grade players will use ChessKid.com
The Primary B Grade and C Grade Matches will generally go for 1 hour, from 4 -5pm – with all players playing their opponent twice, using the Fast Chess Time limit of 15 minutes per player. 
The Primary A Grade (being played on chess.com) will go to 5:30pm using the time limit 45 minutes each per game.
The students will be supplied with special logins to use.
There will be 4 players in the team.
The teams will be entered into special Clubs on ChessKid in groups of 8. So, as teams are registered, they will fill up the special Clubs we will create eg: Primary B1, then Primary B2 etc
As teams are registered for the event, special logins will be created for them to use for the matches and they will play 2 matches using the 15 mins/each player per game.
So if Linden Park wants to enter 5 teams for example, they simply need to send the following info:
Prim B Linden Park Red Board 1 John Jones
Prim B Linden Park Red Board 2 John Smith
Prim B Linden Park Red Board 3 Mary Jones
Prim B Linden Park Red Board 4 Adele Lee
Prim C Linden Park Green Board 1 Derek Lee
We will create 4 or 5 chesskid accounts for each team using a system such as LP-B-Red-1, LP-B-Red-2 etc and advise the school that John Jones for example has the login LP-B-Red-1. So each student will have assigned to them a special sign-in for Chesskid when they come to play their match.
When the matches start, there will be a post telling the teams who they have to play, and so, for example:
Primary B1 Competition Round 1
Linden Park Red vs  Mitcham PS Koalas
LP-B-Red1 vs MP-B-Koalas1 
LP-B-Red2 vs MP-B-Koalas2
LP-B-Red3 vs MP-B-Koalas3
LP-B-Red4 vs MP-B-Koalas4
Pulteney Blue vs  Parkside PS
To play the game, they simply go to <Play a Kid>, find the opponent’s name in their club and start the game. LP-B-Red1 might have to play MP-B-Koalas1 (ie the Board 1 players for Linden Park will be playing the board 1 from Mitcham Primary’s Koala team. And they will play 2 games, one with white and one with black. When they finish the first game, they simply re-match and they will play with the opposite colour.
And to make it all go smoothly, we will have a special Zoom Meeting running whenever the competitions are on – it’s details are:
Join Zoom Meeting

Primary A and Secondary Divisions 1, 2 and 3

The Secondary Matches and Primary A Grade Competitions will be played using Chess.com 
The Secondary Matches will all be played at 7pm but the Primary A will be played at 4pm.
The Division 1 Matches will have just one game per night, each with 1 hour on the clock and a 10 second increment.
The Division 2 and Division 3 Matches will have 2 games, each with 25 minutes on the clock. When they finish the first game, they can play the second game, provided of course their second opponent is ready.
The students need to register a name on chess.com but it is free and will only take a few minutes. Sincere apologies but I suggested using LiChess last term but have found the private forum we can use on chess.com will be easier for the students to play the Matches.
And it is here where players each week can find out who is their opponent and challenge for a game. 
1. To do this, they need to have a chess.com account 
2. When they have created their account they need to join the special club using the above link – it is a private club so they will need to apply to join – and we will let them in.
3. The school needs to let me know using an Excel spreadsheet or similar the teams of 5 players for the Secondary Division 1 or Division 2 or Primary A Grade or teams of 4 for Secondary Div 3 that they are entering in a format like this:
Grade TeamName           Board          Name                      chess.com Name 
Primary A – 5 players in a team
Pri A  PAC Red           Board 1       Fred Smith                chess.comName
Pri A  PAC Red           Board 2       Peter Le                  chess.comName
Pri A  PAC Red           Board 3       Phil Long                 chess.comName
Pri A  PAC Red           Board 4
Pri A  PAC Red           Board 5
Pri A  St Peter’s Blue   Board 1        George Smith              chess.comName
Pri A  St Peter’s Blue   Board 2        John Le                   chess.comName
Pri A  St Peter’s Blue   Board 3        Ron Long                  chess.comName
Pri A  St Peter’s Blue   Board 4
Pri A  St Peter’s Blue   Board 5
Pri  A  St Peter’s Green Board 1        Antony Smith              chess.comName
Pri  A  St Peter’s Green Board 2        Reg Le                    chess.comName
Pri  A  St Peter’s Green Board 3        Kevin Long                chess.comName
Pri  A  St Peter’s Green Board 4
Pri  A  St Peter’s Green Board 5
Pri A  East Marden       Board 1        Antony Jones               chess.comName
Pri A  East Marden       Board 2        Reg Mann                   chess.comName
Pri A  East Marden       Board 3        Kevin Short                chess.comName
Pri A  East Marden       Board 4
Pri A  East Marden       Board 5
East Marden PS
Mitcham PS
Linden Park PS etc
Secondary Division 1 – 5 players in a team
Div1 PAC Red         Board 1          Fred Smith             chess.comName
Div1 PAC Red         Board 2          Peter Le               chess.comName
Div1 PAC Red         Board 3          Phil Long              chess.comName
Div1 PAC Red         Board 4
Div1 PAC Red         Board 5
Glenunga Red
Div1 Glenunga Red    Board 1          Fred Smith             chess.comName
Div1 Glenunga Red    Board 2          Peter Le               chess.comName
Div1 Glenunga Red    Board 3          Phil Long              chess.comName
Div1 Glenunga Red    Board 4
Div1 Glenunga Red    Board 5
Secondary Div 2 – 5 players in a team
Secondary Div 3 – 4 players in a team
4. The starting time for the Secondary will be 7pm each Friday (no-one needs to park their car!) and the time limit set for 60 minutes and 10 sec increment.
5. The Draws will be posted up on the Facebook Club page each week in either the Div 1, Div 2, Div 3 or Primary A Grade Forums and the players simply challenge their opponent using their chess.com name and play the game. There is a simple description on how to do it. The winner has to POST the result on the page so we know who has won.
The Matches should start on Friday 15th May 2020 WEEKLY around 7pm – there is a chat facility built-in to Chess.com so we can easily fix any hassles using that or the Zoom program
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 869 1400 4634
Password: 018349
So Please send me your team registrations as soon as possible. agoldsmith@internode.on.net


June 12, 2020
4:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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Chess.com or Chesskid.com