Wrap Up Tournaments for Interschool chess

Updated September 14th, 2020

Wrap Up Tournaments for Inter-School Matches – 2nd December 2020

These will make for a great excursion!

a) Evelyn Koshnitsky Girls Only Tournament

b) Open Tournament  for Girls & Boys

Wednesday – 9:30am – 12:30pm

These events are played during school time – the Wednesday morning.

Cost: Just $10 per student

Venue: The Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St. Adelaide 5000

Primary and Secondary – lots of prizes for different year levels. Chocolates.

The Chess Centre will be open from 8:30am to allow parents to drop off their students before work.

The students will play 5 or 6 games and learn how a tournament is run, discover the use of chess timers and have lots of fun.

Depending on the numbers, there will be separate tournaments for Primary and Secondary and probably separate year Levels.

The students can be beginners or experts and can be any year level.

To register your students, please contact Alan Goldsmith on 0401 672 481 or email alang@knightsandbytes.com.au with your list

State U11-U8 Championships

Updated September 6th, 2020

SA Under 11 – Under 8 Championships

2020 Oct-60 Tournament

2020 Oct-25 Tournament

We will be following strict Covid-19 Guidelines

The last Thursday and Friday of the school holidays 

Thursday Oct 8th – Friday Oct 9th 2020

Played at the Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St Adelaide 5000 

The SAJCL is offering juniors the choice of 3(!) tournaments these holidays – The October 60 Tournament is for older juniors and is played at a time rate of 60 minutes +10 secs per move (6 rounds – 3 on Thursday and 3 on Friday). The October 25 Tournament or the U11-U8 Championships have shorter games – only 25 minutes each + 10 secs per move (10 games, 5 games each day).

The players’ ages are now determined by the year they were born in! 

Juniors born in 2010 or later can play in the Under 11 Championship. If they are born in 2011 or later they will be eligible for the U10 title, those born in 2012 or later, the U9 title, etc. Players who are 11 or older should play in either the October 60 or Oct 25.

The Chess Centre will be open from 8.30am on all days to allow parents to drop off youngsters before work. The sessions should all be finished by 3.30 pm, except the October 60 on the Friday may go to 5.15pm.

SA U11-U8 & Oct 25 Tournaments: 5 games daily : 9:30am, 11am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm;  The October 60 Tournament: 10am, 12:30pm & 3:00pm

Lunches will be from 12 NOON and Pizza can be ordered each day for $5 

Prizes: 1st in U11, U10 & U9 & U8 – $50, 2nd: $25; 3rd $15. The Prizes for the October Tournaments will be decided on entries but as always, will be generous.

Entry Fee $30 which covers both days if you register through the TryBooking links:

U11-U8 Entry Link: https://www.trybooking.com/BLJHG

Oct 60: Entry Link: https://www.trybooking.com/BLJHJ

Oct 25: Entry Link: https://www.trybooking.com/BLJHT

Otherwise You can enter on the day but must do so at 9am. It is $35 to enter and pay on the day. Special one-day tournaments will be organised – pay $20 on the day.

For more details, please ring or text Alan Goldsmith on 0401 672 481

1st night – Inter-school chess over-the-board in term 3

Updated July 27th, 2020

Inter-school Chess in Term 3

The SAJCL is very conscious of the desire by many students, teachers and parents to see over-the-board chess matches played this year. We have just run the State Junior Championships at the Chess Centre and believe they went very well and followed fairly strict Covid-19 Guidelines.

Therefore we plan to run a short 4-week series of inter-school matches at the Chess Centre, 10 Ranelagh St Adelaide, Prince Alfred College and Walford School through August:

Friday: 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th August 2020

If you know of another venue that can cope safely with 8 teams, please let us know ASAP.

There is a limit on the number of students permitted at these venues and so, to simplify matters we will limit the number of students at each to 96, and this means we will have a maximum of 24 teams of 4 players at each venue, split into 3 competitions of 8 teams. Each team will play the other 7 teams by playing 2 matches on the first 3 nights and a single match on the final night.

The Time limit for the primary matches will be 15 minutes per player per game – so each match will take at the most 30 minutes and the double matches one hour. The Secondary matches will have a time limit of 25 minutes each per player per game and so each matches could go for 50 minutes and those nights with 2 matches 1 hour 40 minutes.

The primary Matches will start at 4pm and the Secondary Matches at the Chess Centre at 7pm. The cost per team to take part in these matches will be just $40 for the entire series.


PrimaryChess Centre 4pm:

Primary B1 – 8 teams of 4 players

1 St Ignatius’ 1
 2  St Peter’s Blue
 3  St Peter’s Black

Primary C1 – 8 teams

1 St Ignatius’ 2
2  St Peter’s Orange
 3  St Peter’s Gold

Primary C2 – 8 teams

 1  St Peter’s Green


PrimaryPAC 4pm

Primary A1 – 8 teams

 2  North Adelaide Red
 3  East Marden Gold
 4  East Marden Silver


Primary B2 – 8 teams

1 PAC Red
2 PAC White
3 PAC Gold
 4  North Adelaide Orange
 5  East Marden
 6  St Peter’s Beige
 7  St Peter’s Brown
 8  Scotch College

Primary C3 – 8 teams

1 PAC Red
2 PAC White
3 PAC Gold
4 Seymour
 5  North Adelaide Yellow
 6  North Adelaide Green
 7  East Marden
 8  St Peter’s Acqua


Primary – Walford 4pm

Primary C4 – 8 teams

1 Walford Gold
2 Walford Blue


Secondary – Chess Centre 7pm –

Division 1 – 8 teams of 4 players

1 Mercedes
 2  PAC Red  
 3  PAC White
 4  St Peter’s


Division 2a – 8 teams

1 Wilderness Gold
2 Wilderness Blue
3 Immanuel Gold
4 Mercedes
 5  PAC Red
 6   PAC White
 7  St Peter’s

Division 3a – 8 teams

1 Immanuel Blue
2 Mercedes
3 Endeavour College

Should the interest be huge, we will run these on Thursdays at the Chess Centre ie:

Thursday: 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th August 2020

Primary – Chess Centre 4pm – Thursdays

Primary B3 – 8 teams of 4 players

Primary C5 – 8 teams

Primary C6 – 8 teams

Secondary – Chess Centre 7pm – Thursdays

Division 2b – 8 teams of 4 players

Division 2c – 8 teams


Division 3b – 8 teams – Thursdays

1 Christian Brothers College

Teams will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis so if you would like to enter a team, please text Alan Goldsmith on 0401 672 481 with the name of the team and the competition it would like to take part in.

If you know of another venue that can cope safely with 8 teams, please let us know ASAP.