Updated July 9th, 2023

About Us

This is the official website for the Junior Chess League Inc in South Australia and it is used to inform you about all our junior chess activities. You will find here all the details about the interschool primary and secondary matches, as well as how to take part in tournaments and – very exciting – make use of chess on the Internet. The SAJCL been promoting Junior Chess in SA for over 60 years thanks to the dedication and passion of Evelyn and Gary Koshnitsky and many other tireless volunteers and we are very grateful to all the support given to us by many schools and teachers.

And as a non-profit local organisation, we endeavour to make chess affordable and accessible to everyone.



The SAJCL is delighted to be associated with the online chess server called Chesskid and have negotiated a special deal for students in South Australia – instead of the usual $100 annual fee, we can provide it for just $25 which we think will be a huge benefit for all keen students. 

For more details please check here.

 Committee for 2023






Alan Goldsmith

president@sajuniorchess.org 0401 672 481
Deputy President

Dr Daniel Kerrigan

Vice President

Evette Francis


Lorraine Gormly


Jennifer Ly

Deputy Treasurer Carrie Zhao treasurer@sajuniorchess.org  
Secondary Rep Jocelyn Ho secondaryrep@sajuniorchess.org  
Primary Rep

Stephen Chen

Public Officer Janine Herrmann    

Committee Member

Jason Elliott





  • Each team in the Primary A Grade or Secondary Division 1 and Division 2 teams are to consist of 5 players. Primary B and Primary C teams and Secondary Division 3 teams have only 4 players in a team. 
  • Players should play in the estimated order of strength.
  •  No player may play in more than one team on the same night.
  • Each team to have a captain and acting captain in captain’s absence.
  • The Secondary Division 2 and 3 competitions play two games per night.


  • Match Result forms to be placed at each match table. The names of each member of teams must be entered on it before the start of play – first names and SURNAMES IN CAPITALS.
  •  Both captains or acting captains to sign completed form at end of match after checking that all particulars have been entered correctly:
    1 point for a win, ½ for a draw, 0 for a loss
    OF for a forfeit, OF to both absent players if a double forfeit – NOT a half point each.


  • Talking should be restricted to a minimum during play. No conversation between players during game.
  • No advice of moves is to be given to a player during the game. The member of the team who gives such advice to another will be in danger of loss of his/her game or a point being deducted from team score.


  • Spectators are requested to be as quiet as possible. Talking should be away from match tables.
  • When watching games spectators must keep well back from the tables and not hover behind any boards. Directors of Play at venues should see that this is observed.


  • Start of Play
  • The Secondary School Divisions start at 7.00pm. Forfeit time is 7.30pm.
  • The Primary School Grades begin at approximately 4.00pm. Forfeit time is 20 minutes after the start. The competitions in the Hills are played in the evenings.
  • Finish of Play
    The Secondary Division 1 may continue until 9:30pm. Divisions 2 and 3 continue until 9.00pm.


  •  All games must be played according to the Laws of Chess.
  •  All games must be played ‘TOUCH AND MOVE’. Opponents must enforce this rule before a reply move is made.
  • If a school has two or more teams in the same grade the players may NOT interchange, ie, if a player starts in Division3 Red he/she cannot play in ‘Division 3 White’ or ‘Division 3 Black’.
  • Ineligible player(s) point(s) will be awarded to the opposing team regardless of the result.     


  • Clocks are used in the Secondary Division 1 competition – 60 minutes each player plus a 10 second increment added with each move.
  • Clocks are used in Divisions 2 & 3 – after half-an hour’s play, any games still going are required to use a clock to finish the game – each player has 10 minutes for the remaining of the game.
  • Clocks are used in Primary A Grade – each player has 45 minutes for the whole game.
    When used in all other Divisions the use of chess clocks is at the discretion of the Director of Play.


  •  No postponement should be made on the day of the match unless by mutual agreement. At late notice reserve players have to play in that team.
  • If a school wishes to postpone a match for any valid reason, the Tournament director should be advised of this arrangement at the earliest convenience.


  • A RESERVE player may NOT come down from a higher grade of which he/she is a regular member.
  • Players MAY NOT play up as a reserve more than 3 nights in the season. After 3 games as RESERVE they may stay as a PERMANENT player in the higher team but they MAY NOT go back to the lower division.
  • If a player goes into a higher division as a reserve AT THE LAST MINUTE he/she plays on the vacant board. Other games should start on time.
  • If it is known that a RESERVE player will be required, then ALL the players are arranged so that the RESERVE[S] play in the approximate order of strength.AWARDS

A trophy is awarded to all players who score 100%, playing the maximum possible number of games in any one grade or division.

  • Certificates of Merit
    Awarded to all players who have played most their games scoring a high result in their grade or division.
  • 5 points or better out of 6 games
    5.5 points or better out of 7 games
    6 points or better out of 8 games
    7 points or better out of 9 games
    8 points or better out of 10 games
    8.5 points or better out of 11 games
    10 games or better out of 12 games
    10.5 or better out of 13 games
    11 points or better out of 14 games


  • Any school with FOUR teams or more entered in the Secondary Competitions must play at least ONE team in Division 1.


To be awarded to the school which obtain the most points from the following table. Any school can count the result of TWO TEAMS in any one Division:-

  Division 1



Division 2 Division 3
1st 24 points



12 points 6 points
2nd 20 points



10 points 5 points
3rd 16 points



8 points 4 points
4th 12 points



6 points 3 points
5th 8 points



4 points 2 points
6th 4 points



2 points 1 point


  • A 3-round ‘play-off’ competition at the end of Term 3 will determine the winner of the Shield. Eight teams of 10 players to be invited by the Director of Play from the schools which have done the best with two teams during the 2nd and 3rd terms.



  • The director of Play at each venue should wear a name-tag and introduce him/herself to the teams before announcing “start of play”.
  • All match RESULT SHEETS must be given to the Director of Play at each venue at the end of the match. They must NOT be taken away by any player. Team Captains are responsible in ensuring this action occurs.



Appeals and complaints can be referred for determination to 3 members of a 6 member Appeal Panel, none of whom is from the schools involved in the complaint. The Director of Play is to be a fourth non-voting member to provide advice as needed to the Appeal Panel and to implement whatever is the conclusion of the appeal/complaint.


Team Fees

These fees are set at the AGM each year. In 2021 the fees are:

Affiliation fee per school $60
Secondary team $100
Primary A Grade team $80
Primary B or Primary C team




               Thanks to the very strong support for our appeal for financial support due to the closure of the Chess Centre for 4 months from the 15th March,  the South Australian Chess Association (SACA) and the South Australian Junior Chess League (SAJCL ) has now formally closed the Appeal.

          We are most grateful to the 60+ donors who have contributed around  $10,000 which has prevented an unaffordable loss due to the Covid-19 restrictions.  The  Landlord Chris Angelopoulos of the Duke Group also cooperated greatly by  providing a helpful rent reduction for the 4 months’ closure period.

       The  South Australian Chess Community has rallied around in true Aussie fashion with donations from players , supporters , friends and a number of schools which has ensured the continued operation of the Chess Centre which is an essential component of chess in South Australia for hosting both Adult and Junior chess events.

      The Chess Centre  was able to re-open in late July and there has been much activity with a resumption of  both the Adult Interclub matches and tournaments,  and the Junior  holiday tournaments and Inter-school matches,  all following a full and carefully considered Covid-19 Management Plan.

   All donations made, large and small, are greatly appreciated and as we  advised during the Appeal Campaign, all donors  will be acknowledged by name and all the 60+  names will be shown as best we can in the chronological  order of the donation received.

  SACA and SAJCL is considering providing  a get together thank-you event for all donors in the near future.

   As President, I  offer  our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the committees of both  SACA and SAJCL for the support and encouragement we have received.  The testing times have brought  our Chess community  together in a remarkable way.

Many thanks

Alan Goldsmith        

President, South Australian Chess Association Inc          

President, South Australian Junior Chess League Inc

Donations Received

A very big THANK YOU to all the following kind people for their great generosity and support.

June 19th Richard Thorne
June 19th James Drew
June 19th Wayne Cursaro
June 20th Md Ruhul Islam
June 21th Warren Kramer
June 23rd Dr Ilya Hubczenko
June 25th Nick Vass – Ceilings Concepts
July 3rd Anonymous
July 6th Bradley Thompson 
July 13th Dr Rob Hoile
July 15th Dr Andrew Paull
July 15th Mato Jelic – Chess School SA
July 16th James Drew
July 17th Pink & Ku Fang
July 18th Duane Barness
July 19th Val Woodburn
July 20th The Balachander Family
July 20th The Pattisons
July 24th Peter Hughes
July 28th Aaron Perkins
July 28th The Norwood Chess Club
July 28th Denis Steffensen
July 28th Peter Sanders
July 28th Walter Culture
July 30th Tom Loughlin
August 3rd Anthony Fereday
August 12th Chris Benham
August 14th George Bartley
August 21st Alexander Grice
August 22nd Jocelyn Ho
August 24th Anonymous
August 24th Ashley & Kelly Jones
August 26th PAC
August 28th St Pius X
August 31st Blefari
August 31st Deepti Singhai
Sept 1st Yes Lee Leong
Sept 2nd Concordia College
Sept 2nd Rosalia Heinrich
Sept 3rd Oliver, Ben Wes, Anthony Western
Sept 3rd Eric Paprzycki
Sept 3rd LII
Sept 3rd Rostrevor College
Sept 14 Dr Gurpreet Kaur
Sept 16 The Hoff Family
Sept 19 Bruce Saint
Sept 21 St Ignatius College
Sept 24 Mitcham PS
Sept 25 Seymour College
Sept 29 Scotch College
Sept 29 Glenunga IHS
Oct 2nd Lorraine Gormly
Oct 2nd Peter Serwan
Oct 16th Concordia College
Oct 16th Vuong Family
Oct 19th Judy Harris
Oct 20 James Dalton