2012 Under 18-Under 12 State Championships

Updated January 30th, 2018

STATE JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS Under 18, Under 16, Under 15, Under 15 and Under 12.
Adelaide’s latest state junior champion is 12 year-old Qi Le Kong-Lim who moved here from New Zealand at the start of the year. Qi Le won all 8 games in the strong 32 player tournament to win the Under 18 title outright, ahead of Punula Kiripitige on 7 and Peter Gregoric on 6. 
The final age prizes were: 
U18: 1st Qin Le Kong-Lim; 2nd David Li; =3rd Andy Chea & Ted Wachtel; 
U16: 1st Punula Kiripitige; 2nd Matthew Zalkauskas; 3rd Aaron Ridgeway. 
U14: 1st Peter Gregoric; 2nd Ethan Lim; =3rd Caleb Barns, Jason Huynh, Joel Lee & Terence Ang.
U13: 1st: Henry White; equal 2nd Vitaly Klimenchuk, Nikila Hewage & Emma Richardson. 
The Under 12 Championship was another 32 player event and was won by Kee-An Seet ahead of 2nd: Axel Heinrich and 3rd George Karassoulos. There were 3 sectional prizes: Under 11: =1st Arseny Galliamov and Saad Khatri; Under 10: =1st Peter Moskvichev & Dongwoo Shin; Under 9: 1st Chathula Kiripitige 2nd Jude Hardy. These sectional prizes do not represent the U11, U10 or U9 State titles which will be held next holidays.