2015 U18-U12 Results

Updated February 2nd, 2017

The 2015 State Junior Championships 
The State Under 18 – State Under 12 Tournaments took place on the first Thursday and Friday of the school holidays July 9th and July 10th and a special July Junior Tournament was run alongside for those Under 10.
The 2015 State Junior U18 Championship was won by Qi Le Kong-Lim, ahead of Peter Gregoric and, tying for 3rd, Joel Lee and Aaron Hammat. 
The U16 was won by Denny Han with second, Axel Heinrich and third Oscar Herrmann. 
The U15 was won by Arseny Galliamov and Kee-An Seet.
The U14 was won by Preshaan Thavarajah and, equal second were Riley Karayiannis and Ethan Low. 
The U13 was won by Dongwoo Shin with Isabel Huynh in second place. 
The U12 title was won by Sisi Wang; equal second were Ognie Starkovic, Danial Zelensky and Boris Glushkov. The U11 section of this tournament was won by Remy Casse and Sam Lim, with Gabriel Cregan third.