2016 State U18-12 Results

Updated January 29th, 2017

The Championships were a huge success. We had over 70 students taking part and the standard of play was very impressive.
Congratulations to the following title winners:
State Under 18: Equal 1st: Peter Gregoric and Qi Le Kong-Lim; 3rd: Jing Ng
State Under 16: 1st: Oscar Herrmann; Equal 2nd: George Karassoulos and Axel Heinrich
State Under 15: 1st: Riley Karayiannis; 2nd: Ethan Low
State Under 14: 1st: Preshaan Thavarajah; =2nd: Matvei Kotousov & Leron Rathnayake
State Under 13: 1st: Chathula Kiripitige; 2nd: Ognyen Stankovic; 3rd Ethan Retnaraja
State Under 12: Equal 1st: Kevin Qi, Anthony Huynh and Ethan Liu