Chesskid Gold Memberships

Updated July 8th, 2023

The SA Junior Chess League Inc is excited and delighted to be able to offer students a special discount rate on Gold Membership for You do not have to become a Gold Member but you will probably want to once you have tried it.

The program is a fabulous resource for students as it has some brilliant lessons, gorgeous puzzles and allows students play each other online in a safe environment. There are some restrictions on Chesskid usage however – a student can only do a certain number of puzzles per day and can only reach King Level in the lessons and to progress you are asked to subscribe for usually $49USD per year, which in this current climate is about $80AUD per year. If you are registered under the SAJCL account however, you can get the gold membership for just $25 per year.

In order to take advantage of the discount, you need to be registered under the SAJCL Account

If you have been registered under the SAJCL Account

If  after using Chesskid, you decide you would like to upgrade to Gold Membership, you simply do a direct deposit to:

The South Australian Junior Chess League Inc Account

BSB: 065-114

Account: 10298166

And give your username as the reference eg Hen20-PeterM

Any queries, please email the

If you are not registered under the SAJCL,

you need to send us the following details:

  • Your  school
  • your first name and initial of your last name

eg if you are from Henley PS for example, simply email us your name like this: Henley PS – PeterM

We will register your name on Chesskid and reply with the code we use – ie it might be Hen20-PeterM and you use that code to logon to Chesskid. We will also send the password to use. We already have 1000’s of kids registered under the SAJCL and we are sure you will find it enormous fun.

Please send any names you want to register for Chesskid to the SAJCL Treasurer,, who will register the student(s) and send you the login details and the password.