Congratulations to the 2020 State Junior Champions!

July 22nd, 2020

State Under 18 Championship:

A big congratulations to George Bartley on winning this year’s State Junior Championship. Played over-the-board at the Chess Centre the numbers were naturally down since notices about the tournament were late in coming out as there was uncertainty about how the events  would actually take place. George played well to win the event without dropping a point.

1st George Bartley; 2nd Christiaan Viljoen.

State Under 16 Championship:

And congratulations on another strong performance by Ethan Retnaraja, only losing to George Bartley.

1st: Ethan Retnaraja, 2nd Ben Stevens.

And this was another small event but the competition was strong!

The Under 15 State Champion is Tharan Balachander

The Under 14 Champion Caleb Tang

The Under 13 Championship ended in a tie for first between Lachlyn Vuong and Athena-Malar Retnaraja with third: Sze-Siong Koh-Buckland

The winner of this event was Alistair Maria who scored a massive 9.5/10 in a very strong field.

1st Under 12: Alistair Maria, 2nd: Jackson Chen; 3rd: Dewmi Liyanage.

Equal 1st Under 11 Section: JaydenYue, Clynton Vuong, Ilya Eimery and Amelia Cirami

The July Junior Tournament

This was for players aged 10 and under and was played as 2 separate tournaments over 2 days and the results combined to work out the winner.  It is NOT the State Under 11 Championship – that takes place next term – but is a great way for young juniors to meet future opponents and friends over the chess board.

1st: Leo Fuller with 13.5 points

2nd: Keshav Balachander with 12 points

3rd: Charles Tang: 11 points

=4th Lucas Chen and Max McMullen with 10.5

6th Oliver  Cirami with 10

7th Dougal McLachlan with 9

8th Zachary Lee with 8.5

9th Pradyn Parikh with 8

10th Bryce Chen with 7.5