Great successes at the 2018 Australian Juniors for our students

Updated January 31st, 2018

SouthAustralians punched well above their weight in the Australian Junior Championships held in Melbourne in the first two weeks in January. 

Feiyang Wang won the Under 10 Open with 7.5 points out of 9.

Ethan Retnarajah finished second in the Under 12 Open with 7/9.

Athena-Malar Retnarajah came second in the Under 10 Girls with 6/8 (and scored 6 in the U10 Open). 

We also had many others who impressed greatly and were close in the finish: Dimandiw Kosgallana finished with 6/9 in the Under 12 Open, Eric Menezes placed 15th in the U16 Open. Arist Giouvantsioudis-Mousiandis was in a tie for 5th place in the U14 with a score of 6/9 just ahead of George Bartley who scored 5.5, while Christiaan Viljoen  scored 5 and Matthew Daly 4.5. Iker Hernandez won 5 games at his first attempt in the U10 Open. 

U10 Open (a field of 78) – 
1st: Feiyang Wang – 7.5/9
Equal 8th: Athena-Malar Retnaraja – 6/9

U10 Girls (a field of 18)  –
2nd: Athena-Malar Retnaraja – 6/8

U12 Open (a field of 105) –  
2nd: Ethan Retnaraja – 7/9
Equal 12th: Dimandiw Kosgallana – 6/9
Equal 22nd: Oliver Fenton – 5.5/9
Equal 59th: Gabriel Gregan – 4/9
Equal 74th: Jeremiah Wheaton – 3.5/9

U14 Open (a field of 70) – 
Equal 5th: Aristotelis Giouvantsioudis-Mousiadis – 6/9
Equal 1th: George Bartley – 5.5/9
Equal 24th: Christiaan Viljoen – 5/9
Equal 29th: Matthew Daly – 4.5/9

U16 Open (a field of 26) – 
Equal 13th: Eric Menezes – 4.5/9