Junior Chess Calendar

Updated February 10th, 2024

Please note that the after-school interschool matches scheduled for 1st September 2023 will still be held this week – but we appreciate some students may not be able to make it due to school closures because of the strike or a pupil-free day.

2023 Australian Schools Team Championships

The SA Junior Chess League is thrilled to be hosting these Championships at Prince Alfred College on December 2nd and December 3rd 2023 – please check the following link for details


2024 Australian Junior Chess Championships

The SA Junior Chess League is delighted to announce that we will be hosting these Championships in January 2024 at the Glenunga IHS – more details shortly but these are the scheduled dates:

12 different events  – 2 go for the full 9 days, 6 for 5 days, 4 for 3 days – 1 rest day

Tuesday 16th January is a Rest Day plus lightning & Problem Solving

  • U18 Open & U16 Open Sat 13/1/24 – Sunday 21/1/24
  • U14 Open & U12 Open Wed 17/1/24 – Sunday 21/1/24
  • U10 Open & U8 Open Sat 13/1/24 – Monday 15/1/24
  • U18 Girls & U16 Girls Wed 17/1/24 – Sunday 21/1/24
  • U14 Girls & U12 Girls Wed 17/1/24 – Sunday 21/1/24
  • U10 Girls & U8 Girls Fri 19/1/24 – Sunday 21/1/24

Tournaments & School Matches 2023

Please find below the tentative dates for this year’s junior chess events – these could all change depending on whatever happens with Covid and the World.

A player’s age will be his/her age at the start of the tournament, not at the the first of January. This is the policy of the NSW Junior League and for most juniors it will make sense. Players wishing to play in National events just need to bear in mind that those events use the age you are at the first of January.

The tournaments are either run by the SA Junior Chess League or the SA Chess Association Inc.

Please check the following websites before the event and then use the link on the website to register:



The bookings for all the events will be through the TryBooking system and that way we can notify the participants of any changes. However, players and participants will generally still be accepted if they turn up on the day of the event.

The Tournaments are held on the last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the second week of the holidays.  

The Girls Only Tournaments will be held on a Wednesday of each term break with the tournament in July being considered the State Girls titles. However, because the private schools finish Term 1 a week earlier than the Public schools, we have had to run the tournaments that would normally be in Week 2 in Week 1 so that all students can play – and hence the Girls Only Day will be on April 26 – apologies if this causes any inconvenience.

Junior Tournaments:

Girls only Wednesday 26th April; City of Adelaide Junior for Players aged 6 – 20 (ie Under 21) 19- 21st April

State Girls Day & Championship only Wed 12th July; State U18-U12 Championships & July Junior 19th-21st July

Girls only Wed 4th October; State U11-U7 Championships & October Junior 11-13th October

Other Events:

Inter-school team matches will start on Thursday 4th May for Primary A Grade and some of the other Primary venues while most matches, including the Secondary will be on Friday 5th May – and they will be played fortnightly until mid-Term 3.

Please check the following dates on the sachets.org.au website – they may change!

SA State Championships & Candidates for adults and advanced students 31st January – 28th March 

The West Torrens Chess Classic and Junior Tournaments 18th March

Inter-club matches (adults & juniors) 25th April – 11 rounds

City of Adelaide Championship 25th July – 19th September

Pennant Interclub Matches  26th September – 11 rounds

And for serious players there are many more events, like the Begonia Open in Ballarat, the Doeberl Cup in Canberra, the Checkmate Tournament and the Hosworth Labour Day weekender in Adelaide.